Email signatures have a size limit of 10,000 characters in the HTML. The plugin will warn you after exporting your email signature if its over the size limit. To avoid this you can use some of the Signature starter components under the Footer tab in the Emailify plugin.

Export your HTML signature from Emailify

In the Emailify plugin, click on the Export HTML button to open the export panel, select the HTML Email Signature option from the dropdown list, then click the Export to HTML Signature button to start exporting the emails you've selected from Figma to HTML.

After Emailify has finished processing your email(s), you'll be shown a confirmation message; you can download your .zip file to your computer by clicking the Download your .zip file button, then you can unzip the .zip to see your exported files.

Copy your HTML email signature to the clipboard

After you've exported your HTML email signature from Emailify and unzipped the .zip file, you can open the preview-and-install.html file in your Google Chrome web browser (as other browsers like Safari may have issues) and then click the Copy HTML Signature button on the preview page, which will automatically copy the contents of your HTML signature to your clipboard.

Some email clients may require the "raw" HTML code, so if that's the case, you can click the Copy HTML Signature (Raw Code) button in the preview-and-install.html file to copy the selection as raw HTML to your clipboard that way instead.

Once you've copied the HTML to your clipboard, you can follow the instructions below (taken from the excellent guides provided by SignatureHound) to install the signature in your email client.

How to install your HTML email signature in Mail App (Windows 10)

Mail App (Windows 10) Icon
Windows 10 Mail infamously uses the Microsoft Word rendering engine for email which will cause differences to your signature preview. Spacing and font sizing will appear slightly differently, images are often squished, and underlines will be added to your links. For many of your recipients these links will appear with a blue underline, irrespective of the color you set for them. Screenshot of blue underlined links sent from MS Word email client
If you really care about your email signature being “pixel perfect” then we recommend using a different email client that uses a HTML rendering engine such as

With Windows 10 Mail open, click the Settings cog in the bottom of the left sidebar to open the settings drawer.

Screenshot of Windows 10 Mail Settings Drawer

Click the 'Signature' option in the settings drawer to open the signature modal.


Copy and paste your signature into the signature editor.

Screenshot of Windows 10 Mail Signature Settings Modal

Click 'Save' to close the signature modal.


Compose a new email and enjoy your new signature!

Screenshot of Installed Signature in Windows 10 Mail