Emailify automatically applies HTML minification and compression during your code exports from the plugin, so if your email is still over the Gmail 102kb clipping limit limit, you will need to either remove some content from your design, or try to consolidate content layers where possible.

For example, if you have multiple Row layers on top of each other, which all have the same background color, and all only contain a single Column layer in each row, you can shift all of the content layers inside of each Column into a single Row, with a single Column layer, which will allow you to delete all of the other (now empty) Row layers previously being used.

Please note that the file size of any images used do not count towards the size of your .html file, so using smaller images won’t have any impact on the size of your HTML code.

Checking the file size of your HTML email in kilobytes (kb) before exporting your email

In the header of the Preview panel, you’ll see a number that represents the total file size of your email’s HTML (which is just the .html itself, not including any image assets). This can be helpful for knowing if you’ve gone over the Gmail 102kb clipping limit.

If your HTML size is over 102kb, the file size in your preview window will be highlighted in yellow as a visual flag to indicate that your email has exceeded that limit.