The base design components that come included with the Emailify plugin have been pre-tested using Litmus to ensure they look great across all popular desktop (including Outlook) and mobile email clients.

However, it’s always worth doing a test of your own emails using a service like Litmus or Email on Acid, just to ensure they’re looking good before you send them out.

You can also send a simple test email of the HTML to yourself using a free service like PutsMail, which is also a great way of ruling out any issues that may be caused by an email marketing platform modifying some of the HTML (as PutsMail doesn’t modify the HTML, and sends the email “as-is”).

Using the Email on Acid integration

Emailify includes a built-in integration with Email on Acid, which allows you to upload HTML email tests directly from the Figma plugin directly into your Email on Acid projects.

In the Emailify export panel, select the Email on Acid option from the dropdown list, then paste in a valid Email on Acid API key, which can be generated from your Email on Acid account page, and then paste in your Email on Acid account password (the one you login to the website with) into the second text input field in the Emailify export options.

When you’re ready, click the Upload To Email on Acid button to start exporting the emails you’ve selected from Figma to HTML, and have them automatically be uploaded to your Email on Acid projects.