After you’ve exported the HTML, you’ll need to use an email service provider (ESP) such as Klaviyo, MailChimp or one of the many other services that allow you to send HTML emails to a list.

If you aren’t already using an ESP to deliver emails to your list, you’ll need to sign up for one, which will help you host all of your image assets online and also handle delivering the send of your HTML email in bulk to a your email audience list.

Do not use Outlook or Gmail to send your HTML email. Unfortunately, you can’t reliably send out HTML emails using Gmail or Outlook, as the images need to be hosted somewhere online, and the HTML will get messed up in the process using these email services that aren’t designed for handling this type of bulk send. Try signing up for a service like Klaviyo or MailChimp to get started if you’re new to sending HTML emails.

Built-In Emailify Platform Integrations

These are the email service providers/platforms that Emailify has built-in export/upload integrations with: