You can set a global UTM tag query string to automatically be appended to every <a> tag’s href attribute (per email) in the Emailify plugin by selecting your main “Email” container frame, then clicking the Settings button, and pasting in the query string that you’d like to be applied to every link in that email into the Append Global URL Query String input field.

An example of a global query string (that gets applied to every link in your email) would be: ?utm_campaign=sale&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter1&utm_content=top

If needed, you can also manually set a query string to your links by manually adding them to any clickable link URL inputs via the Settings panel as URLs with a query string included, too.

An example of a URL with its own query string (that can be applied to a single layer) would be:

If you’re applying a global query string to all of the links in your email, and also applying some query strings to individual links throughout the email, Emailify will automatically include both sets of query string parameters in the final URLs.