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  • Exports images up to 95% smaller than the default exports from Figma.
  • Privacy focused — no image data ever leaves your Figma file.
  • Create and export animated GIFs, WebPs, WebMs or MP4 videos from selected layers (with optional transition effects).
  • Optionally add .mp3 audio files to MP4 video exports.
  • Downsize and compress your Figma image fills to their layer size.
  • Built-in ICC color profile support for PNG exports.
  • Convert JPG and PNGs to WebP, AVIF or Progressive JPEG.
  • Use percentage based compression, or maximum KB file size targets.
  • Set specific compression level overrides per image.
  • Merge Figma frames into a single compressed PDF file.
  • Add custom password protection to exported PDF files.
  • Export PDFs as RGB, CMYK or Greyscale.
  • Supports compressing/exporting multiple sizes and formats per layer.
  • Advanced custom filenames (eg. “#name_#width_x_#height_#date).
  • Automatically saves multiple images as a .zip file.