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Documentation and video tutorials to help you 1000x your workflows with our products.

Bannerify Bannerify

Animate and export production ready banners from designs to HTML, GIFs and Videos, in seconds.

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Commentful Commentful

Supercharge your design comments and gather external feedback from stakeholders.

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Convertify Convertify

Automatically convert your designs to multiple design tool formats with one click.

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CopyDoc CopyDoc

Everything you need to easily export, import, localize and update text in your designs.

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Crypto Crypto

Securely share your designs and prototypes as password protected URLs or PDF files.

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Emailify Emailify

Easily create and export responsive, production ready HTML emails (eDMs) from designs.

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Favvy Favvy

Export production ready favicons (with code) for your website or PWA from Figma in seconds.

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HyperCrop HyperCrop

Batch crop/resize multiple images into multiple sizes with presets, smart cropping and face detection.

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Pitchdeck Pitchdeck

Magically turn your static designs into animated presentable slide decks, or export them to PowerPoint.

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Pixelay Pixelay

Compare your static designs with live or local website URLs using smart browser overlays.

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TinyImage TinyImage

Export compressed JPG, PNG, SVG, WebP, AVIF, GIF and PDF files from designs, reducing sizes by up to 95%.

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Weblify (Beta) Weblify (Beta)

Inspect your Figma layers as clean HTML, React or Vue code with one click.

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