🦸 Hero elements are a special type of content container that are able to have a background image added to its own frame element.

Hero layers can’t be nested or contain columns. 🦸 Hero elements can only be added directly inside of βœ‰οΈ Email layers. 🦸 Hero elements cannot contain any πŸ›οΈ Column layers, as it doesn’t support multiple column layouts; instead, content layers are added directly inside of the frame, without needing any πŸ›οΈ Column layers (unlike a 🚣 Row element).
Adding background images and/or gradients. You can add image and/or gradient background fills to any top level 🚣 Row, 🦸 Hero or 🎁 Wrapper. Applying background images/gradients to any other elements won’t be included (eg. πŸ›οΈ Column layers).

Hero Content Elements

These options will be visible when a 🦸 Hero Figma layer is selected:

Using the "Quick Add" feature to add new Emailify layers

Emailify allows you to build out your designs using special layout blocks and content elements that are added as layers to your Figma designs, and allows them to be exported out to HTML from the plugin.

To add these layout blocks and content elements, ensure that you have created at least one Emailify frame, and then click on that frame to automatically reveal the Quick Add Element context menu at the bottom of the plugin, then click the desired element, and click the Add + button to add it to the selected layer.

The options that are available in the context menu will change based on your current Figma layer selection.