Email marketing platforms require you to include a special unsubscribe link at the bottom footer section of your emails. If the unsubscribe tag required for their platform isn’t detected, this will usually mean the email marketing platform will add their own footer to your email instead.

To make this easier for you to add to your designs, the Emailify plugin includes a number of starter components for different email marketing platforms underneath the Footers tab in the plugin.

If you click on the footer thumbnail for your email marketing platform (eg. MailChimp or Klaviyo), this will automatically add a footer component to your email design with Navigation Links pre-populated with the correct unsubscribe tag for that platform.

Please note, that you will always need to use the Navigation Links element provided by Emailify for adding any unsubscribe tags, as using Figma’s native hyperlink feature will always prepend https:// to anything you use for your link, which will break the unsubscribe tag.
If your email marketing platform isn’t in the Footer tab, please get in touch, and we can get this added as a new component preset to the plugin for you.