Use the Emailify image hosting CDN

For HTML exports, by default, Emailify will export your HTML emails with any images saved alongside the .html files, so you can upload them wherever you like.

However, if you would like to use the Emailify CDN (content delivery network) to host your images for you, you can enable the Upload Hosted Image URLs toggle. This will upload your images and automatically swap out the URLs in your HTML email to point to the uploaded files.

If you’re using any of the built-in email marketing platform integrations, your images will automatically be uploaded to the Emailify CDN.

Setting a custom base URL to self-host the exported email images on your own server or CDN

By default, the src for all the images in your HTML exported by Emailify will be a relative img/ path (eg. img/ceb3f891b78815897e04299f93eef255.jpg); this will allow you to easily review your email and upload a zip to certain platforms like MailChimp, which will automatically upload the images and update the src URLs for you.

However, if you’re using a platform that doesn’t support this feature or are just hosting the images on your own CDN (content delivery network), you may want to set your own custom base URL instead.

You can do this by selecting your main email Figma frame, clicking the Settings button in the plugin header, then enabling the Override “img/” Base Path toggle and pasting in your own base URL path where the images are going to be hosted; enabling the custom base URL will automatically prefix all of the image src attributes for your images (for example, replacing img/ with in the exported HTML file).