The 🎠 Image Carousel element layer allows you to add an interactive image carousel that can be navigated with left/right arrows and (optional) thumbnails.

Customise image carousel thumbnails. You can customise the appearance of your 🎠 Image Carousel component’s thumbnails by clicking the Settings button in the Emailify plugin header, then clicking on your 🎠 Image Carousel layer; this will allow you modify things like the thumbnail size, if it’s shown on desktop/mobile, and other things like active/hover border colors and item spacing.
Image carousels not supported in Outlook. Please note that if you’re viewined the 🎠 Image Carousel component on Outlook email clients, it will fallback to only displaying the first image in your carousel slides instead. Unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t support the features required for the interactive image carousel to work. Understanding this limitation, please be mindful of this and design your emails with “progressive enhancement” in mind for any email clients that won’t be able to see all of your images, and ensure that the first “fallback” image that will be shown is the most important one, and any additional slides aren’t essential to the messaging of the email itself.

These options will be visible when an 🎠 Image Carousel Figma layer is selected:

The 🎠📷 Carousel Image element allow you to add more image slides to your existing 🎠 Image Carousel parent elements.

Using the "Quick Add" feature to add new Emailify layers

Emailify allows you to build out your designs using special layout blocks and content elements that are added as layers to your Figma designs, and allows them to be exported out to HTML from the plugin.

To add these layout blocks and content elements, ensure that you have created at least one Emailify frame, and then click on that frame to automatically reveal the Quick Add Element context menu at the bottom of the plugin, then click the desired element, and click the Add + button to add it to the selected layer.

The options that are available in the context menu will change based on your current Figma layer selection.