Using layers not created with Emailify as static fallback images in your email designs

While the plugin doesn’t support rendering Figma layers that were designed outside of Emailify as rich text HTML content, if you do add any layers inside of your main email frame, these will automatically be rendered as static fallback images instead.

This is an easy way to bring in a Figma layer or frame that you’ve already designed (without using the Emailify design tools) into your email design as a static image.

If you do need rich text HTML content rows or real background images behind rich text content, you can add these with the “Quick Add” design tools dropdown or starter components provided by the Emailify plugin, which you can bring your own content into as well.

Setting an Emailify layout layer to be rendered as a static image instead

If you are using an Emailify Row, Hero or Wrapper layer in your email frame, you can optionally render any of these elements as a static image (instead of rich HTML content), if needed, too.

To do this, select the Emailify layout layer in Figma, click on the Settings button in the plugin header, and then enable the Render as an image (instead of HTML) toggle to force that layer to be rendered as a static image.

You can disable the Render as an image (instead of HTML) toggle at any time to revert to rendering that layout element with rich text HTML content again.