To get started with this feature, click on the Spell Check icon button in the plugin subheader. When the settings panel opens, you can select the language of the text you would like to spell check by clicking on the Language select box and changing the language that matches your Figma text content.

Finding spelling mistakes in your text layers

Once you’ve selected your language, you can click the Find Spelling Mistakes button to begin searching every text layer on the current Figma page for spelling mistakes.

More Figma text layers will take longer. The more text layers in your Figma file, the longer it will take to find spelling mistakes.

Zooming in on text layers that contain spelling mistakes

Once the search is complete, you will see a list of words that contain spelling mistakes.

To instantly see where each text layer is in your Figma file, you can click on any word in the results list to expand it and show the frame(s) where the text is located in your page; clicking on the Search icon next to any of these frames will instantly move the focus of your Figma page to show where the text layer is located.

Applying spelling corrections to text layers

To apply a correction to a word that contains a spelling mistake, you can click on any of the suggestion buttons underneath each word; clicking on any of the buttons will instantly change the word to the new suggested word in each of the locations where it exists.

Undoing spelling corrections to text layers

To undo a correction you made to a word, you can click the Undo button besides the “corrected to” notification after a suggestion was applied; clicking on the Undo button will instantly change the corrected word back to the original word in each of the locations where it exists.