When you export your presentation to the Pitchdeck Web App, it will automatically generate a default share link URL that you can use to present your slides or share with another person to view.

However, in the Analytics Overview tab, you can also create custom share URLs for specific people or groups, which then allows you to filter by share link when viewing your presentation data, so you can reliably see analytics just for certain links.

To create a new custom share link, go to the Overview tab in your Analytics panel, and under the Create Custom Shareable URL section, input a label for the share link (eg. the viewer’s name or company) and then click the Create New Custom Share URL button; this will create a brand new share URL and you’ll see it added under the Custom Share Link URLs list.

Please note, that label you give your custom link will never be shown outside of the plugin, so the person or group that you’re sharing the custom link with will never see it; it’s just to help you identify which data is for which link in your analytics stats later.

Clicking on the Custom Share URL & Settings accordion item in Custom Share Link URLs list will expand it to reveal the URL and password for that custom link; clicking on the Copy icon button will copy the link/password to your clipboard, which you can then share with the person or group that the custom link was created for.

You can rename any share link by clicking Edit Label next to your share link name in the Custom Share Link URLs list.

You also have a few other options that you can toggle, per custom link:

  • Enable All Toolbar Buttons - By default, only the thumbnails for each slide will be shown for custom links; optionally enabling this toggle will include all of the Pitchdeck web app’s toolbar buttons and options.
  • Turn Off Activity Tracking - By default, custom links will have their activity tracked (for you to see in your Analytics panel); you can optionally enable this toggle to prevent any activity being logged for a certain custom share link.
  • Disable This Link - You can optionally disable a custom link at any time by enabling this toggle; this will ensure that the presentation cannot be viewed by anyone with that custom link. You can re-enable the link at any time, if needed, by turning off this toggle again, which will allow the presentation to be viewed with this link.