To use this option, click the Export Presentation button in the Pitchdeck toolbar, then ensure the Pitchdeck Presentation (Web URL) option is selected as the presentation export format. Once you’ve configured your export settings, you can click the Upload Web Presentation button to begin uploading your slides.

URLs will expire after 180 days of not being viewed. Presentation URLs will automatically expire after a 180 day period of inactivity (180 days after the link was last accessed and viewed); if you would like to re-activate the URL after it has expired, simply run Pitchdeck in the Figma file and use the Upload Web Presentation button again.

Using Retina @2x Images

Enabling the 2x Retina Images toggle option will automatically export any JPG and PNG images at retina (@2x) resolution. This will give you sharper looking images in your presentation, but will also increase the file sizes of any JPG and PNG images.

Compressing images

Enabling the Compress Images toggle option will compress any JPG and PNG images used in your presentation.

Downsizing your Figma layer fills

Enabling the Downsize Large Figma Image Fills toggle will automatically resize (and lightly compress) any Figma image fills on your layers to their actual layer size. This is useful if you’ve originally imported high resolution images to your Figma file, but then shrunk the layer dimensions down to be much smaller (with the original large image file still being used).

One common case of this would be adding a large image from Unsplash (or another stock photo site/plugin), the resizing that layer to be used as a much smaller “card” or “avatar” image. This can cause the performance of your Figma file to slow down and potentially crash when exporting these layers via the Pitchdeck export options; so using this feature will help save file size and improve page performance in your Figma file.

Copying your presentation URL and password

Once the upload has completed, you’ll be able to copy the secure URL and password to view your presentation in the browser, using the Pitchdeck web app.

URL and password details can be accessed in the plugin later. If you need to copy these URL and password details again later, you can do this by clicking the Export Presentation button in the Pitchdeck plugin toolbar, and ensuring the Pitchdeck Presentation (Web URL) option is selected. You will be able to copy/paste your URL and password details under the Active Pitchdeck Presentation section.

Using a passwordless URL (auto login)

If you don’t want to use a URL/password combo for your presentation, you can copy the Passwordless URL (Auto Login) link, which will automatically log you in upon visiting the page in your browser.

QR code version can be found on the upload confirmation screen. If you would like to easily open up the presentation link on your phone/tablet, you can scan the Passwordless URL (Auto Login) QR code on the upload confirmation screen, which will automatically log you in upon visiting the page in your browser.

Changing your Pitchdeck URL password

By default, the Pitchdeck plugin generates a secure random password for you, but if you would like to change this to a custom password of your own, you can do this by enabling the I want to change the URL password toggle in the upload settings panel, then entering your new password in the input field (a minimum 6 characters is required) and clicking the Set Password button, which will update the password for your Pitchdeck URL for this Figma page.

Updating the password will lock out anyone who had the previous password. Updating the password will prevent anyone who may have had the previous password from looking at your URL; if you need them to still have access, please re-share the new password with them.

Deleting your uploaded presentation URL

You can delete your uploaded presentation URL that you’ve generated using the Pitchdeck plugin by clicking the Export Presentation button in the Pitchdeck plugin toolbar, then enabling the toggle option: I would like to delete the active URL; enabling this toggle will allow you to click the Delete Presentation URL button.

You will see a confirmation message letting you know that the presentation URL was deleted.

Deleting the URL means anyone with the link won’t be able to see it anymore. Clicking the Delete Presentation URL button will delete the uploaded presentation URL. Anyone with that URL won’t be able to view the presentation anymore. However, you can always re-upload the presentation at anytime by clicking the Upload Web Presentation button again, if needed.