If you’d like to quickly add slide layouts without needing to design them, you can click the Add Slides/Charts button at the bottom of your slides list, make sure the Slide Layouts tab is selected, and then click on any slide layout thumbnail to add it to your Figma page as a Figma Component automatically.

Setting global text and color styles for your layout components

When you use the slide layout feature, the plugin will automatically create a Pitchdeck folder under your Figma Text styles and Color styles menus, where you can tweak the typography and color styles for the slides and text layers added via the slide layouts feature in one go.

Adding new Instances of your Master Slide components

Under the same Add Slides/Charts panel, clicking on the Master Slides tab will allow you quickly see all of the Master Slides (Figma Component Layers) on your page as thumbnails, and click on any to add it as a new Figma Instance slide layer on your page.

Converting existing slide Frames in Figma to re-useable Slide Components

The Master Slides tab also supports any slide Figma Components that you’ve added to the page yourself; to convert any existing Figma Frames into Figma Components that can be re-used as instances from the plugin, right-click on your Figma Frame, then click Create Component in the context menu.

If you then click the Refresh Component Slides in the plugin under the Master Slides tab, you’ll be able to quickly add new instances of your slide components to the page.