Animations are only used for web presentations. Please note that any animations you add will only be used in a presentation uploaded to the Pitchdeck web app; this means that animations will not be included in your PowerPoint/Keynote/Google Slides exports or PDF file exports.

Choosing a preset animation style

Pitchdeck comes with dozens of pre-defined keyframe based animations, which are grouped into 3 categories:

  • Entrances
  • Transforms
  • Advanced

To set an animation, ensure that the Animations tab is selected, then hover over the layer you would like to animate in the Pitchdeck layers list and click on the select box. Scroll through the list of animations and click on an animation name to apply it to your layer. You’ll see the slide preview update instantly with the new animation applied.

Changing the animation speed

You can adjust the speed and delay of your animations by clicking down on the left/right edges of the timeline bar for your layer, then holding and dragging with your mouse to adjust the length of your animation and it’s start/end point.

You can shift the location of your animation on the timeline by clicking down on the middle of the timeline bar for your layer, then holding and dragging with your mouse; moving it either left or right to change where it is placed in your timeline.

Copy/pasting animations between layers

If you already have an animation and timings that you like, you can click the Copy button on that layer in the plugin, then click Paste on any other layer to apply the same animation and timings there automatically.

Animations are carried over when copy/pasting Figma layers. Any animations that you apply to a layer in a slide via the plugin will be attached to that Figma layer, so you can also copy/paste the Figma layer into other slide(s), and the animation will still be there when you refresh the slides in your plugin.