The PPTX Import feature is in BETA. Please note that this feature is still in BETA, so it works best for presentations that contain simpler designs (eg. mostly consisting of text, images and shapes). See below for a list of supported and unsupported content.

To import a PPTX file that you’ve exported from the PowerPoint app, you can drag and drop (or click and browse) a .pptx file from your computer into the Import .pptx (BETA) dropzone area underneath the slide list in the Pitchdeck plugin; then please wait for the editable slides to be imported into a new page in your current Figma file.

If your .pptx file won’t open in the plugin. If you’ve dropped in a .pptx file and the plugin says it can’t read it, please try opening the file in your PowerPoint desktop app again, then re-saving the presentation as a brand new .pptx file and then try using this new .pptx file to drag into the Pitchdeck plugin.
PPTX file exports from Apple Keynote or Google Slides. Please note that if you’ve saved a .pptx file from the Keynote app or Google Slides, this often won’t work when importing that file into the Pitchdeck plugin; please use the PowerPoint app to export your .pptx file instead.
If your PPTX file isn’t importing and shows an error message in the plugin, you may need to re-save it by opening the .pptx file in the Microsoft PowerPoint desktop app, and re-saving it as a brand new .pptx file; then you can try to import that new file into the plugin again.

Supported in PPTX to Figma Imports

  • Slides
  • Images
  • Text
  • Shapes
  • Tables (Supports text content, but not any styles yet)
  • Speaker Notes

Unsupported in PPTX Figma Imports

  • Charts
  • SmartArt
  • Headers and Footers
  • Embedded Videos
  • Vertical Text
  • Preset Layouts/Themes
  • Some custom fonts may not carry over