To create a new version for an existing review URL, click on the Reviews tab, then click on an existing Review card, then click on the Plus icon button, select the Figma frames you’d like to upload (and select the order you’d like them to appear in).

Once you’ve selected your Figma frames, give it a New Version Label (which will be shown in your Review’s Versions dropdown selector, and also user-facing in the web app’s heading text when viewing the versioned review link), then click the Create New Version Review URL button to upload your frames and generate an additional version on your review link.

Once the static Figma frame images have finished uploading, you’ll be able to copy the new version Review URL and password (or the passwordless URL) to share it with any stakeholders, which will let them leave feedback on your designs via the Commentful web app in the browser.

Please note that once you’ve uploaded frames to a versioned review link, you won’t able to update or re-upload them on the same version link. The versioned review links are designed to be a snapshot in time of the design, so the position/context of any comments that are left on the link could potentially be out of sync or irrelevant if the original link’s designs were re-uploaded later. Versioned links allow you to create multiple snapshots and capture feedback for multiple iterations of your designs, and switch back to them at different points in time, to see what feedback was left before and what has changed since.