Creating a new custom comment status

Under the Figma Comments tab, you can create custom columns for your kanban board under to organize your Figma comments into different custom statuses.

YOu can do this by horizontally scrolling to the far-right hand side of the plugin, selecting your New Status Icon, choosing your New Status Color, providing a New Status Label, and then clicking on the Add New Custom Status button to create and save your new status.

Once your status has been created, it will show up as the far-right column next to any existing statuses you’ve already added.

The default Backlog status will always be present as a default category where any new/uncategorized Figma comments will show up for you to assign their own custom status.

Editing a custom comment status

You can edit a custom status at any time by clicking on the 3 Dots icon button next to any custom status label, updating your icon/color/label, then clicking the Update Custom Status button to save your updated status details.

Deleting a custom comment status

You can delete a custom status at any time by clicking on the 3 Dots icon button next to any custom status label, then enabling the I want to delete this custom status toggle, then clicking the Delete Custom Status button to remove custom status.

This will only delete your custom status, and will not delete any Figma comments already inside of that status; these comments will automatically be moved to the Backlog status after your custom status has been deleted.

Re-arrange custom comment status swimlanes

After you’ve created at least two custom statuses, you can re-arrange them on your kanban board underneath the Figma Comments at any time by clicking the custom status column Label text and dragging it horizontally left or right to shift it before or after other custom status columns.

Once you’ve dragged the column where you’d like it to be placed, letting go of your mouse to drop the status will save it in its new ordered location.