To get started with this feature, click on the Find & Replace button in the main CopyDoc plugin screen.

You’ll now be able to search your current Figma page for text using the Text to Find in Figma Page input field, and then specify the text you’d like to replace any matches with by using the Text to Replace Matches With input field.

Clicking the Find Matches & Preview Updates will conduct the search and show a list of any matching text layers where the text you searched for was found. You’ll also be able to preview what the text will look like with your replacement text.

You can select/deselect any text layers you would like to perform the replacement on; if you don’t know which layer is related to which part of the design, you can click on the Text icon button to instantly zoom and scroll to that text layer on your Figma page.

When you’re happy with the previewed changes and the text layer selections to replace, you can click on the Update Figma Text Layers button to automatically replace any matching text with your new specified text.

Figma text layers with missing fonts can't be updated. If your Figma text layer contains a missing font, the plugin won't be able to update it. Please ensure any text layers you would like to update in any way using the CopyDoc plugin have their missing fonts resolved.