If you’d like to use images in your spreadsheet that will get added to your non-text Figma layers, you can paste any image URLs that begin with http:// or https:// (or you can also use an inline <svg></svg> HTML tag), and the CopyDoc plugin will automatically assume that they’re being used as images. Please also ensure you name your image column header to be the same as your Figma image layers (eg. #Poster).

Video files are also supported for paid Figma plans. As per Figma’s documentation for native video support, if you’re running CopyDoc in a Figma file that’s on a paid Figma plan (Education, Professional, Organization, or Enterprise team), you’ll also be able to sync videos in the same way as the example of syncing images above. Videos files can be up to 100mb in size and in .mp4, .mov or .webm format.

Sync local image files from your computer via XLSX import

If you prefer to use images already saved to your computer, instead of image URLs online, you can do this by zipping your images along with your XLSX file.

If you need a hand with this, please follow our step-by-step video tutorials (above) on how to sync a folder of images to your Figma layers via an XLSX spreadsheet.

Zip encoding for image files with special characters. If you’re zipping local image files with characters like “æøå” (eg. Læge.png), please ensure that the zip file has the correct encoding, as otherwise these characters will be removed or replaced automatically and won’t match up with the same filenames in your spreadsheet. If you’re on Mac, just using right-click -> “Compress” should be fine, and if you’re using Windows, the WinRAR app should do this correctly.

Auto repeat a single Figma layer with your spreadsheet rows

When using the Content or Styles sync tab options, you can automatically repeat a single Figma layer by enabling the Auto Repeat toggle, which will automatically copy the original selected Figma layer and duplicate it as many times as the number of rows that your spreadsheet data contains.

If your selected Figma layer is already directly inside of another Figma layer with Auto Layout enabled, the selected layer will automatically be duplicated inside of that parent layer, otherwise, CopyDoc will create a brand new Auto Layout frame and duplicate your new Figma layers there instead.