The Sync Spreadsheet Content feature in CopyDoc allows you to sync repeatable text and image content from multiple rows from any spreadsheet (which can be an .xlsx/.csv file or a public Google Sheet URL) to your selected Figma layers.

This can be really helpful for designs that contain repeating grids or lists where you need to populate it with real content automatically.

You can also use this feature to rename layers or apply CSS styles from your spreadsheet, too.

Regardless of if you’re using an XLSX, CSV or Google Sheet for your spreadsheet, the structure is always the same; the very first row (or the “header”) of your spreadsheet has to contain the names of the Figma layers that you would like to sync the rest of the rows underneath it with.

You can name these whatever you like, but it’s easiest to use a short yet descriptive hashtag format like: #Title or #Description. In Figma, you would then name your text layers #Title or #Description as well; this will ensure that they are mapped together when the spreadsheet is synced up in the plugin later.

#Title#Genre#Age Rating#Total Reviews
No Time To DieAction13123 Reviews
DuneSci-Fi Action14124 Reviews
Black WidowAction18125 Reviews
Suicide SquadAction18125 Reviews