Syncing your Airtable content to Figma layers

To add your Airtable content for the Sync Content feature in CopyDoc, select the Sync from Airtable URL option from the platforms dropdown selector; then you’ll need to add 3 fields:

Your Airtable Sheet URL

To create a sheet, login to Airtable and click Create a base, select the Workspace you’d like to add it under, and then click Create.

The Airtable sheet URL should look like this:

Your Airtable Personal Access Token

You can create a token from the Airtable Personal Access Token page.

Your Airtable personal access token should look like this: patCDDXkwmgP4CyJK.19aa66430076753f90aaf1b27ae0a4ddf14f445dce8add9bd539bcbefcbe35df

You’ll also need to set the Scope to data.records:read, and making sure to include your Workspace that contains the sheet(s) you’d like to use, otherwise there won’t be any permissions for the API to read the content from your Airtable.

Custom Airtable Label

You’ll need to set a custom label (eg. My Airtable Snippets) to help you identify your Airtable URL when you use it.

Once you’ve added those fields, click the Use Selected Airtable button to load up the table content that you can use to sync content with Figma.

Figma text layers with missing fonts can't be updated. If your Figma text layer contains a missing font, the plugin won't be able to update it. Please ensure any text layers you would like to update in any way using the CopyDoc plugin have their missing fonts resolved.

Auto repeat a single Figma layer with your spreadsheet rows

When using the Content or Styles sync tab options, you can automatically repeat a single Figma layer by enabling the Auto Repeat toggle, which will automatically copy the original selected Figma layer and duplicate it as many times as the number of rows that your spreadsheet data contains.

If your selected Figma layer is already directly inside of another Figma layer with Auto Layout enabled, the selected layer will automatically be duplicated inside of that parent layer, otherwise, CopyDoc will create a brand new Auto Layout frame and duplicate your new Figma layers there instead.