Syncing your Google Sheet content to Figma layers

If you’ve created your spreadsheet as a Google Sheet, you can sync it with your Figma design by clicking on the Sync Spreadsheet button in the main CopyDoc plugin screen, which will open up the settings panel for this feature.

In order to use your Google Sheet’s content to sync with Figma, you’ll first need to ensure that the Google Sheet share URL is made public, otherwise the plugin won’t have permissions to read it. You can do this by opening up the spreadsheet in Google Sheets, clicking the Share button and changing the sheet’s permissions from Restricted and update it to Anyone with the link.

If you’re unable to set the permissions to Anyone with the link can view (due to company policies), you can still edit your sheet in Google Sheets, then download it to a local Excel (.xlsx) file on your computer, which you can drag and drop the Excel file directly into the Figma plugin and that will give you the exactly same result as if it was loaded remotely from the Google Sheet URL instead.

Pasting your Google Sheet URL and syncing with Figma

You can preview your spreadsheet contents by pasting your public Google Sheets URL into the Sync Public Google Sheet input field; if it’s a valid, and public URL that’s correctly structured, it will automatically load a preview of the headers that it contains after pasting it.

Ensure that you select at least one layer in Figma that contains renamed layers to match your spreadsheet headers, and then click on the Sync Spreadsheet Rows with Figma Layers button. This will sync the content from your spreadsheet with your selected renamed Figma layers.

Figma text layers with missing fonts can't be updated. If your Figma text layer contains a missing font, the plugin won't be able to update it. Please ensure any text layers you would like to update in any way using the CopyDoc plugin have their missing fonts resolved.

Auto repeat a single Figma layer with your spreadsheet rows

When using the Content or Styles sync tab options, you can automatically repeat a single Figma layer by enabling the Auto Repeat toggle, which will automatically copy the original selected Figma layer and duplicate it as many times as the number of rows that your spreadsheet data contains.

If your selected Figma layer is already directly inside of another Figma layer with Auto Layout enabled, the selected layer will automatically be duplicated inside of that parent layer, otherwise, CopyDoc will create a brand new Auto Layout frame and duplicate your new Figma layers there instead.