Setting a password for your PDF exports

If you would like your exported PDF files to require a password before they can be opened, you can enable the Require a password to open PDFs setting, then set your own password in the password input field. Ensure that you give this password to anyone you’re sending your exported PDF files to, or they won’t be able to open the file to view its contents.

By default, TinyImage automatically removes the black outlines around links that normal PDF exports from Figma includes. If you would like to override this behavior and include a 1px black border around links inside your PDF exports, you can enable the Outline Links toggle (which is turned off by default).

Choosing a color profile for your PDF exports

Depending on how your exported PDFs are going to be used, you may need to change the colour profile setting, which you can do by choosing an option from the PDF Color Profile select box.

  • RGB (Default/For Screens)
  • CMYK (For Print)
  • Greyscale (Black & White)
Gradient fills in PDF exports. If you’re exporting layers to PDF that contain gradient fills inside any vector paths, you can enable the Vector Path Gradients setting to ensure the gradient is rendered as expected. If you don’t need this option, there’s no need to enable it.

Downsizing your Figma layer fills for your PDF exports

Enabling the Downscale large Figma image fills toggle will automatically resize (and lightly compress) any Figma image fills on your layers to their actual layer size. This is useful if you’ve originally imported high resolution images to your Figma file, but then shrunk the layer dimensions down to be much smaller (with the original large image file still being used).

One common case of this would be adding a large image from Unsplash (or another stock photo site/plugin), the resizing that layer to be used as a much smaller “card” or “avatar” image. This can cause the performance of your Figma file to slow down and potentially crash when exporting these layers via the TinyImage PDF export options; so using this feature will help save file size and improve page performance in your Figma file.