Along with “downsizing” your Figma image fills, you can also optionally export the existing image fills; this will automatically download all of the original image files being used inside of your layer image fills (and will not downsize them in Figma).

To get started with exporting your original images from your Figma layer image fills, you can click on the Downsizer button in the TinyImage header.

If you didn’t have any layers selected when opening the downsizer feature, it will automatically scan every layer on the current page in your Figma file for any that contain image fills.

Selecting certain layers to load. If you’re running the downsizer feature in a Figma page that contains many images, it may take a while to load. You can ease this load time by optionally pre-selecting the layers you’d like to search for image fills to export before clicking on the Downsizer button, this will ensure the plugin only loads fills from any layers and child layers from the Figma layers you’ve selected.

Selecting the image fills to export

Once the image fills have loaded, you can select which you would like to export by checking/unchecking them in the list. You can also quickly narrow down the images included in the list by clicking on them in your Figma page.

If you’re unsure which fill relates to which layer, you can click on the Image icon button in the list, which will instantly zoom and scroll to that layer on your Figma page.

Export your fills

When you’re ready, click on the Export Figma Image Fills button to start the export process. TinyImage will automatically download the original image files being used for each image fill you’ve selected. Once every image has been downloaded, you’ll be able to download them all as a .zip file, which you can unzip anywhere on your computer to view all of your exported image files.