The Filename Format field is optional, and if you leave this field empty/blank, it will default to #{name}#{suffix}.

Available variables for your filenames

You can mix and match any of the variables below into your custom subfolder/filename pattern, including regular text and characters (like underscores or letters/numbers).

  • #{name} The name of the Figma layer (eg. “My Figma Layer Name”)
  • #{scale} The scale from the export setting (eg. “2x”)
  • #{width} The width of the image (eg. “1024”)
  • #{height} The layer height (eg. “768”)
  • #{suffix} The suffix from the export setting (eg. “_example”)
  • #{date} Timestamp at the time of export (eg. “28-Sep-2020”)
Creating Sub Folders. To create a subfolder, you can add a ”/” anywhere in your custom filename format. For example #{date}/#{width}x#{height}/#{name} would create a dynamic folder structure like 28-Sep-2020/1024x768/my_figma_layer_name.jpg (where the variables get swapped out for the real values related to each exported image).