You can embed video files to any Figma layer in your Bannerify timeline by clicking on the Settings icon button for that layer, and then pasting in a URL pointing to a valid video file (.mp4 or .webm) into the video embed input field.

To get a video file, you can either browse the selection of free stock videos on a site like Pixabay, or you can upload your own .mp4 or .webm file to a file hosting service lik Dropbox or Backblaze B2 , and then copy the URL link to your animation to use it in Bannerify.

By default, your video will automatically loop, but you can change this if needed by turning off the Loop Embed toggle.

To remove a video animation from your layer, click on the the Settings icon button again and remove the URL from the video embed input field.

Bulk applying video file URLs As with other layer settings, you can also apply your video file URL setting to layers in bulk by using the bulk apply feature.