Links only applies to HTML exports. Please note that this will only apply to all HTML export options, and won’t have any effect on GIF or video exports from the plugin.

Adding a clickable URL to the entire banner

To add a link around your entire banner, you can paste a link into the URL field inside of the export settings panel. This will automatically wrap your entire banner inside of an <a> tag, which has an href set to the URL that you specified in the input field.

Adding a clickable URL to a specific timeline layer

If you need to make a certain timeline layer clickable, you can do this by clicking on that layer in your Figma canvas, then adding an Open link interaction under the native Figma Prototype panel. Pasting your link into the URL field of the Figma interaction will automatically include an onclick="'', '_blank')" attribute to that element in your HTML banner export.

Only applies to layers visible in your Bannerify timeline. Please note that this will only be applied to layers that are visible in your Figma timeline. By default, this means direct child layers of your banner frame; you can optionally include nested layers via the plugin, and then apply a prototype link interaction to those nested layers, if desired, too.