# Getting Started with Crypto


# Introduction

Crypto (opens new window) is a premium Figma plugin that lets you securely share Figma designs and prototypes as password protected URLs or PDF files..

# Features

  • Use instantly inside Figma; no extra account creation required.
  • Generates password protected URLs to share with your stakeholders.
  • Automatically generates strong, random/mixed character passwords.
  • Image uploads encrypted with AES-256 and stored in Google Cloud.
  • Fast, beautiful and easy to use preview pages in the browser.
  • Record your designs and prototypes to a WebM video in the browser.
  • Supports multiple versions of your designs on the same preview URL.
  • Authenticated sessions automatically end after the tab is closed.
  • Put your Figma prototype embeds on a password protected URL.
  • Easily drag frames around to re-order how they're displayed.
  • Remembers your frame selections and order between plugin uses.
  • Automatically deletes URL/uploads if not accessed for 30 days.

# Installing the plugin

Figma Organization Users

Anyone with a Figma account can install plugins; however, users in a Figma Organization may only be able to install approved plugins.

Ensure you're logged into your Figma account, then follow the steps below to install the Crypto Figma plugin.

# Install with your Web Browser

Navigate to the Crypto Figma plugin (opens new window) page in your web browser, then click the Install button in the top right hand side of the page to install Crypto.

# Install with the Figma Desktop App

  1. Open the file browser in Figma.
  2. Click the Community page in the sidebar.
  3. Enter Crypto into the search bar at the top of the page.
  4. Click the Plugins tab to filter results to plugins only.
  5. Click the Install button on the right-hand side of the Crypto search result.

# Running the plugin

Edit Access Required

Anyone with Edit access to a file can run a plugin in that file, anyone who only has View permissions won't be able to run any plugins in that file.

Once you've installed the Crypto Figma plugin, you can switch back into any Figma project file, then follow the steps below.

  1. Right-click anywhere on your Figma project canvas
  2. Hover your mouse over Plugins
  3. Click on the Crypto plugin

# Quickly re-running the plugin

After you've run the Crypto plugin once in a Figma file, you'll be able to quickly re-launch it by clicking the Crypto icon in the right-hand side Figma column (under the "Plugin" subheading).

# Activating the plugin

After using the trial version of Crypto 10 times, you'll be asked for your license key to continue using the plugin. Simply enter your key, select your plan and click Activate.

Need a Crypto License?

You can purchase a license key for you or your team by visiting the Crypto (opens new window) plugin page on the Hypermatic website.

VPN may be required in China

Please note, if you're in China, the license server may be blocked by "The Great Firewall of China". If you're seeing a license error, despite using a valid key, you will likely need to use a VPN (opens new window) to resolve the issue.