If you don’t need to batch crop multiple images to one or more different sizes, you can use the manual crop tool built-in to the HyperCrop plugin. To use this tool, move your mouse over to the image you would like to crop in the image selection panel of HyperCrop, and click the Manual Crop button. This will open the manual crop tool overlay.

When you’ve finished tweaking your image crop and resize settings, you can click on the Crop & Download button to download the cropped image to your computer from Figma.

Saving file downloads from Figma If you're using the Figma desktop app, you'll see a prompt appear to download your file. However, if you're using Figma in a web browser, your file will automatically be downloaded to your computer by default (usually to the Downloads directory on your computer).

Browser Support. Due to browser compatibility issues, the Manual Crop feature in HyperCrop isn’t supported in Safari. Please run the plugin in another browser (like Chrome) or the Figma Desktop App instead.