# Troubleshooting Convertify

# Figma features missing in Sketch

These features are available in Figma, but aren't native to Sketch, so they won't be carried over with the Convertify plugin.

  • Hiding parent artboards
  • Rotated parent artboards
  • Ellipsis with "arc" properties

# Figma features missing in Adobe XD

These features are available in Figma, but aren't native to Adobe XD, so they won't be carried over with the Convertify plugin.

  • Hiding parent artboards
  • Rotated parent artboards
  • Ellipsis with "arc" properties
  • Mulitple fills/strokes on a layer
  • Vector layers that use corner radius
  • Strokes/fills applied to groups
  • Vertical alignment for text layers
  • Nested layer masks

# Converting massive Figma files

If you're happy to wait for the process to finish, Convertify can handle really large Figma files (tens of thousands of layers). If possible, try not to switch out of your Figma tab and let it run to completion. If you're converting files with 50,000+ layers (especially with lots of images), you'll likely experience some slower speeds when it comes to bundling up the final file.

Avoid grouping parent level artboards

One thing that can slow down conversions is if your designs have your top level artboards inside of a Figma "Group" (or across multiple "Group") layers. Leaving your artboards to be the parent level children will help speed up the conversion process.

File Splitting

If the file is really big and simply won't finish or takes too long to do in one go; a good approach is "splitting" your Figma page across multiple pages, and converting each smaller page one by one. This should help lighten the load on Convertify for bigger files.

# The Sketch file won't open

If you're running an older version of Sketch, please ensure you select the version of Sketch you're using in Convertify before exporting the Figma file.

Alternatively, if possible, updating your version of Sketch should help you get the best results with opening files exported from Convertify.

If neither of these options work, it may be being caused by a bug in the plugin, in which case; please do get in touch (opens new window) and we'll try to publish a fix as soon as possible!

# Installing Adobe XD

If you're a Mac or Windows user, you can install Adobe XD in Creative Cloud (opens new window), which should allow you to run it on your computer.

You can also find the Windows standalone installer (opens new window) online, too.

# Missing Fonts in Sketch

There are some cases were you may need to click the "Missing Fonts" notification in Sketch and manually re-assign them if they're not currently installed on your computer.

# Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file isn't importing

If you're dragging your .ai file into Convertify using the "Import Adobe Illustrator to Figma" option, you may need to open your .ai file in Illustrator again, and re-save it to .ai with the Create PDF Compatible File checkbox selected; then if you drag that newly saved .ai file into Convertify, it should import.

# Text Clipping in Sketch

If your text layer bounds (width/height) in Figma are smaller than the text size itself, Sketch will visually vertically clip if the height is shorter than the text itself, or it will put your text onto multiple lines if the width is shorter than the text itself. To resolve this when it occurs, you can adjust the width/height of your text layer(s) in Figma and re-export it for Sketch.

# Groups in Sketch

Groups in Sketch can't have backgrounds, so Convertify will add a background "rectangle" layer to visually emulate group backgrounds from your Figma design.

# Image Crops in Sketch

Non-destructive image cropping isn't supported in Sketch, so Convertify will transform your cropped images from Figma to a "masked" Sketch group, retaining your full original image and emulating its visual crop.

# Clip Content in Sketch

"Clip content" doesn't exist on group layers in Sketch, so Convertify will create a "mask" layer at the bottom of the group to visually emulate clipping for Figma frames with clipped content enabled.

# Vertical Text Alignment in Adobe XD

Vertically aligned text isn't supported in Adobe XD, so Convertify will attempt to emulate vertically aligned text (where possible) by offsetting the top position.

# Thin white line around image exports

Occassionally some images will contain a faint, thin white line around the edges. Figma does this (opens new window) if a layer isn't positioned on a rounded pixel value (eg. Y: 156.76 or X: 56.3) will automatically result in this sub-pixel line getting included in the export. To resolve the issue, please ensure that your layer positions are all rounded pixel values.

# Blank file extensions using Figma desktop app on Windows

There's a known issue with the Figma desktop app (only on Windows), which also happens for normal file exports from Figma. When you go to save your file, you may see an "all files" label. If you ignore this and continue by clicking "Save", it should still save the file with the correct extension and allow you to open it as expected after it has downloaded to your computer. If it still saves the file with a blank extension, you should be able to rename the file to manually append the correct extension to the file name.

# Pixelated image exports

If you're converting your file while the image assets in Figma are still progressively loading, they may be exported looking pixelated, as the image wasn't fully loaded in the Figma file before it was exported. To resolve this, please ensure that all of the images have loaded 100% and are looking sharp inside the Figma file before converting your Figma file with the Convertify plugin.

To help further with solving this issue, you can use the "Downsizer" feature (opens new window) to shrink down your image fills to match their layer size, which will shrink their file size and ensure they load much faster in your Figma file.

# VPN may be required in China

Please note, if you're in China, the accounts server may be blocked by "The Great Firewall of China". If you're seeing a activation error, despite using a valid key, you will likely need to use a VPN (opens new window) to resolve the issue.